Cauliflower Coral - Large


Large pieces of Cauliflower coral available to order. Please email through or place a note at checkout with your specifications. 

Beautiful and bright White Coral. Unique authentic coral sustainably sourced from the South Pacific.

Size: Large, up to 25cm

Colour: White

Style Tip:

Small Coral - Group together with a collection of your favourite coral and shells, beautiful displayed in wooden or ceramic bowls on a coffee table or inside a decorative glass dome. 

Medium Coral - Place on top of a coffee table book or within a rattan tray in a guest bathroom.

Large - Best as a standout feature piece, both on a large coffee / side table or display / book shelf. Let the coral be the highlight, especially if the piece can stand upright. 

Note: Real coral is not permitted to send overseas, alternatively please refer to our resin coral pieces. 

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