Espresso Martini Mixer - By Mr Consistent


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The Cocktail Mixer you've been waiting for is now here! The new Espresso Martini is smooth and velvety, you'll be coming back for more. Just add vodka for the perfect Espresso Martini at-home. It's on!

An amazing, bar quality cocktail in less than 30 seconds.

Mr. Consistent’s cocktails only feature the freshest ingredients. Each mixer is handmade with love so that you can drink consistently amazing cocktails wherever you are.

10 Serves

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Sugar Syrup, Coffee Blend, Chicory, Caramel Colours (150a, 150d), Chocolate Bitters [Water, Glycerin, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Caramel 150a, Food Acid (334)], Food Acid (338).

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