Green Rain - Statement Oyster Shell

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Our Ocean Inspired Statement Oysters Shells are absolutely beautiful and would be the perfect addition to your Boho Luxe or Hamptons / Coastal style home.

These gorgeous little creations are handmade in North Carolina, USA, by a talented local artist.
The shells are prepared for the classic coastal inspired artwork to be applied in decoupage style, and the back of the shell is hand painted in a brilliant gold finish to add a little drama...

Our Statement Oyster Shells take their cue from the sea life that swims, scurries and nests around the shorelines of this magical part of the world and now you can enjoy this beauty everyday in your own home. 


A note on bespoke creations...

Your precious oyster shell has been at sea its whole life and has now been re-purposed into this beautiful handmade creation - a true work of art - no two oysters are identical.

Please handle your oyster with care - they are best placed in an area where they can be viewed and enjoyed - carefully wipe over if dust settles.

An oysters' shell is naturally porous and some flaking may occur overtime. This is not a fault but a sign of a truly natural gift from the sea!


(please note - many of these designs are customised to the unique shape of the shell, therefore the Oyster Shell you receive may not be the exact one in the image - please email us if you require further information / photos)


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