Lucienne - Pure Beeswax Candles - Box of 9

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Lucienne (Latin for Light) is handcrafted by Apis Cera using the traditional method of rolling a sheet of beeswax around a wax-dipped cotton wick - Lucienne features the strikingly beautiful texture of a honeycomb pattern.

This lovely box contains 9 pure beeswax candles delicately wrapped in Apis Cera's signature bee-printed silk paper and closed with their trademark seal.

The beeswax used for Apis Cera's candles has won the gold medal at Apimondia (International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations)

– 100% pure beeswax without additives or coloring.
– Color and perfume may vary depending to climate conditions, season or origin .
– Shape and size may vary from one candle to another.
– The wick is 100% pure cotton.

Burning time: approximately 10 hours
(To extend the burning time, you may store it in your refrigerator)

*images courtesy of Apis Cera

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