Tropical Chic, Palm Beach at Home : Jennifer Ash Rudick


Tropical Chic, Palm Beach at Home captures the enduring charm of newly restored seaside fantasies by Mizner, Fatio, and Volk, celebrated for their Cuban coquina courtyards and soaring miradors overlooking tiled pools and arching fountains perfectly suited to Palm Beach’s subtropical setting

Jennifer Ash Rudick, a long-time Palm Beach resident, leads an insider’s tour of twenty-five houses, cottages, Moorish casbahs, artists’ compounds, and Mad Men–era vintage condos.

Jessica Klewicki, a Palm Beach–based photographer, captures extraordinary gardens, verandas, lakeside pavilions, a rustic ranch, and simple pastel Bermudan houses sheltered by dense thickets of Norfolk pines and age-old banyans. It is this eclectic mix of old and new, of Spanish and Caribbean, of contemporary design and sun-faded WASP thrift, that makes Palm Beach chic.

Author: Jennifer Ash Rudick // Photography: Jessica Klewicki Glynn

Format: Hardback, 312 pages

Language: English

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