Paris in Bloom 'Oriental Island' 1kg Candle Bowl


Inspired by Paris' famous 'Marche aux fleurs' and the beautifully styled floral boutiques with their elegant shop-front windows and cobblestone streets.

Toses and juicy blackcurrants are coupled with the fresh scent of lemon peel to give a beautifully balanced and elegant fragrance for your home. 

Scent: Rose // Blackcurrant // Lemon Peel

Exquisite hand thrown pottery bowls decorated with Japanese paper and a hand painted border - fired in small batches on the Gold Coast.

Each porcelain bowl contains 1kg of perfumed wax. Reuse the vessel as a fruit bowl, serving dish or vase for short stem florals.

Vessel dimensions (approximate only): 17cm diameter x 7cm tall 

note: price is per vessel // variances in size, colour and pattern may occur due to the nature of handmade artisan goods.

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