Italian Summer Fig - Leopard Print 350g Candle


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Italian Summer Fig transports you to warm sunny days within the Italian countryside.

Summer fruit aromas are highlighted by freshly cut fig, amber with crisp leaf green and freshly mown grass - the warm glow coming through the vessel throws colours of toffee and chocolate - perfect for the cooler months ahead.

Due to the handmade nature of the glassware, each vessel is unique in pattern and shape.

Scent: Leafy Green, Lemon, Fresh Fig, Green Grass, Amber, Jasmine

Best for: Turning your home into a relaxing retreat  

    Weight: 350g // 9.5cmW x 10.5cmH

    Our candles are created in house using premium waxes infused with essential oils and fine fragrances to give you a unique and captivating aroma with a strong scent throw.

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