Weekender Buckle Basket - French Style Market Basket


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Perfect for weekends away, large enough for the essentials whilst traveling and secures with a wide saddle style leather buckle.

Genuine French-style baskets imported from Morocco - each basket is handmade using traditional methods and techniques, which makes each basket unique.

The baskets are handwoven from strips of palm leaves from a species of date palm - Phoenix Dactylifera. The strips are then sewn together and the basket built up in "rounds" into the traditional shape - variations of which can be found in countries all around the Mediterranean.

The leather handles are stitched firmly to the basket which ensures durability.

Material:  Date Palm Leaf & Moroccan Leather

Colour: Natural, Deep Tan

Basket Size: 38-42cm length x 28-33cm W x 25-30cm height

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