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Scalloped Wicker Coffee Table Ottoman - X-Large - PREORDER FOR SEP / OCT SHIPMENT
Galapagos Tortoise Table Lamp - Natural
Panama High Shelf

Panama High Shelf

$1,695 $2,499
Handmade Pottery Candle / Latte Cup
Martinique Porcelain Lamp w/ White Linen Shade
Indoor/Outdoor Pet Lounger - Large - PREORDER FOR SEP / OCT
‘Vacation Mode' Framed Art Print
Holiday Mode Laptop Case - Blushing Pink

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Trade Winds

Known to sailors around the world, the Trade Winds are the powerful prevailing winds that blow from the east across the tropics.

These dependable winds and associated ocean currents helped early sailing ships from European and African ports make their journeys to the Americas. Likewise, the Trade Winds also assisted sailing vessels on their expeditions from the Americas toward Asia.

Even now, commercial ships use "the trades" and the currents the winds produce to hasten their oceanic voyages.